• What is the online research panel "Listen to your senses"?

"Listen to your senses" is a European panel (UK, France, Germany) which aims to find out what triggers consumers' senses by following their product usage and flavour and fragrance preferences.

It is a community of passionate individuals, who have voluntarily chosen to participate in online research studies about various topics related to the flavours and fragrances of their everyday products.

• Why should I join this panel?

Becoming a member of the panel "Listen to your senses" will you give you the opportunity:

  • to share your point of view with a community of people passionate about flavours and fragrances
  • to receive and find out interesting news about food and drink, personal care and home care
  • to receive regular feedback about the surveys you've participated in (survey summaries)
  • to help improve the experience of tomorrow's consumer goods products
  • to be in with a chance of a prize every month

• Who can become a member?

The panel "Listen to your senses" is open to all web users over 18 years who are interested in flavours and fragrances, and who would like to share their experience of consumer goods products. You must have a personal or professional email address (to be invited to participate in the surveys) and be connected to the Internet (to be able to answer the surveys).

• Is joining the panel free?

Joining the "Listen to your Senses" panel is entirely free: you will not be asked for any payment and you will even be in with a chance of winning prizes if you answer the surveys.

• How do I join the panel?

It is very simple to join: you just need to click on "Join now", to fill in and submit a short registration form and to answer an initial survey about your consumption habits.  In return, your registration will be confirmed by email and you will be entered into a welcome prize draw (1 prize of £100 worth of vouchers and 10 of £20 for a leading online retailer).

• Can more than one person register with the same email address?

No, each member has to use a distinct email address to guarantee that it is your view that is shared and not the opinion of someone else. It is your own opinion that matters!

• Can other people in my household also become members of this panel?

For now, only a single member of the same household can join the panel. Regarding children or husbands/wives/partners, their opinion might be punctually required from time to time. If this is the case, then it would be explained in the email inviting you to participate in the survey. This survey would be done under your control and with your clear agreement.



• How do I know that there is a new survey that I can participate in?

Once you've joined the panel "Listen to your senses", you will be sent survey invitations by email. Clicking on the link in the invitation will take you directly to the survey. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the address into a web browser of your choice. All the surveys you have been invited to answer, but have not yet taken, will also appear on the homepage when you are logged into the panel.

• How often will I be invited to take part in online surveys?

There will be approximately one survey sent to you every one to three weeks (depending on your profile): you are free to take part in as many of the surveys as you wish.

• How many surveys do I have to complete?

You are encouraged to participate in as many studies as you are invited to.

To be eligible for entry into the monthly prize draw, you have to participate at least once in the previous month.

• How long does an online survey take?

A survey lasts approximately 5 to 15 minutes. Everything will be done to ensure that surveys are as short, simple and relevant as possible. You will always be able to stop a survey if you need to and come back to it later where you've left it.

• How long do I have to answer the surveys?

The email invitation to the survey will let you know the closing date of the survey, but generally 3 to 10 days.

• How can I be sure you received my responses?

If you would like to ensure that your responses have been received, you can click on the survey link when you are done. A message stating that you have already completed the survey will appear.



• Are there any incentives for completing the surveys?

As a thank you for your participation, you will be entered into a monthly prize draw for the surveys you take part in, as long as you complete them. Prize draws will be run at the beginning of each month for all those participants that completed surveys in the previous month. Prizes will be gift vouchers for a leading online retailer.

You also accumulate points for each survey completed: between 2,000 and 5,000 points per survey, depending on the length and complexity.

Once you have accumulated 10,000 points, you'll be able to exchange them for an entry in the draw in any month you wish, even if you haven't participated in any surveys that month.

More information about the reward policy and sweepstakes rules can be found here.

• How often do I have a chance to win?

At least once a month, as long as you complete one survey each month. However, the more you participate, the greater your chance of winning: each time you participate in a survey you will be entered into the prize draw.

More information about the sweepstakes rules can be found here.

• How do I know that I have won a prize?

You will be sent a winner notification email to which you will have to reply: you will need to agree to the prize draw rules and confirm your contact details before receiving a prize. Additionally, a winner notification will also appear in the area "My rewards" when you are logged in.



• What are the terms and conditions of joining the panel?

To become a panel member you will need to agree to the panel's terms of use when you register to join the panel. These can also be viewed on the terms of use page of this website.

• Do I have to systematically answer the surveys?

There is no obligation: you can choose whether you answer the surveys or not. However, participating in the surveys enables you to be eligible to the monthly prize draws.

• How long will I remain on the panel?

You may remain on the panel as long as you choose to participate.



• What will you do with the information I share?

Personal data is collected about each member for a number of reasons:

  1. to contact you about research surveys to take part in.
  2. to contact you with just those surveys which are relevant to you.
  3. to analyse survey data by for example, your gender, age, or what region you live in: when this is done, the results will be analysed only in a combined format (i.e. everyone's answers added together) and it will not be possible for any individual respondent to be identified from the results.

• Will my personal information remain completely confidential?

YES. No personal data or any of your feedback or preferences will ever be revealed to any other party. See the Privacy Policy for complete details.

• Will you try to sell me something?

No, the information shared is purely for market research purposes. Under no circumstances will the surveys try to sell you something.

• Will my profile information be sold to other companies?

The information collected will never be sold or distributed to any company. All information is strictly confidential and privacy is guaranteed. Your name will never be sold, exchanged, or distributed to any other party without your express acknowledgement. See the Privacy Policy for complete details.

• How can I change my personal information?

To change your personal information you must login and click on "My profile" in your personal area. You will then have access to all your data, which you can modify at any time.

• How do I leave the panel?

You can terminate your membership at any time by unsubscribing from the panel. This can be done by completing and submitting the form on the Contact page for the ‘Unsubscribe' option.

Alternatively you will find an "Unsubscribe" link on the bottom of the user profile information page in "My Profile" area when you are logged in.

If you wish to unsubscribe now, please click here.



• I've forgotten my password: what do I do?

Please go back to the home page and click on the ‘forgot password' below the login area (on the right). You will have then to enter your email address in order to receive an email to set a new password.

As a reminder, your username is the email address registered to the panel.

• How do I change my password and email address?

You need to login, then click on ‘My Profile' in your personal area. Simply enter your new password and then submit it. For your email address, enter your new address and click on ‘Submit'

• What do I do if I experience any technical difficulties?

Complete and submit the form on the Contact page for the ‘Technical questions' option.

If you did not find an answer to your question, go to the Contact page and fill in and submit a form.